Building Capacity

Enlarging EOSC with a critical mass of computing and storage resources in such a way that resources can be seamlessly exploited via federation services.

Capacity Expansion refers to both enlarging EOSC with a critical mass of computing and storage resources, and fostering service integration in the EOSC, in such a way that those resources and services can be seamlessly exploited.

Service integration in EOSC should be embraced by the infrastructure managers as a strategic commitment and must be based on a clear understanding and evaluation of the benefits and responsibilities of joining EOSC.

EOSC-synergy builds on, and complements the EOSC-hub project activities by fostering the uptake of the EOSC core functions and horizontal services at national level.

Since providers are free to choose the components that comprise their present and future infrastructures, the process of integration in EOSC must be lightweight supporting a wide range of well-established interfaces in-line with the infrastructures expectations, thus reducing adoption barriers and simplifying the technical integration.