Developing Capability

Promoting EOSC adoption by the research communities by expanding and building knowledge on common interfaces, standards and best practices.

EOSC-synergy builds on the expertise of leading research organizations, infrastructure providers, NRENs and user communities from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France, all already committed to the EOSC vision and already involved in related activities at national and international level. Furthermore, we will expand EOSC’s global reach by integrating infrastructure and data providers beyond Europe, fostering international collaboration and open new resources to European researchers.

The project introduces new capabilities by opening national thematic services to European access, thus expanding the EOSC offer in the Environment, Climate Change, Earth Observation and Life Sciences. This will be supported by an expansion of the capacity through the federation of compute, storage and data resources aligned with the EOSC and FAIR policies and practices.

Furthermore, aims to implement a skills development framework that promotes EOSC adoption by the research communities (e.g. training and adoption of common interfaces, standards and best practices). Incorporate online training as a new full-fledged component of the EOSC Portal, facilitating access to high quality technical information and tailored training materials.

Thematic Services

Earth Observation