Project Deliverables

DeliverableLink to the Document
Publishable Final Report of EOSC-Synergy
Exploitation and Dissemination Final report (D1.3)
Final report on EOSC integration (D2.3)
Final release of SQAaSS platform (D3.4) 
Final release of the EOSC Thematic services (D4.3)
Final report on technical framework for EOSC FAIR data principles implementation (D3.5) 
Final report on project policy recommendations (D5.3)
Report on the final release of the customized training platforms (D6.2)
Final report about skills development support activities and services provisioned (D6.3)
WP1 – Project Management and Exploitation
D1.1 – Dissemination and exploitation plan 
D1.2 – Dissemination and exploitation report 
D1.4 – Quality Plan 
D1.5 – Collaboration Agreement among infra-eosc (5b) projects 
WP2 – Capacity Expansion at Infrastructure Level 
D2.1 – Roadmap for integration of national capacities into the EOSC 
D2.2 – Intermediate report on integration efforts and policy Gap Analysis      
WP3 – Fostering Service Integration 
D3.1 – Software Maturity baseline 
D3.2 – First prototype of Service Integration platform
D3.3 – Intermediate report on technical framework for EOSC FAIR data principles implementation 
WP4 – Capacity building for thematic services 
D4.1 – Best Practices Elicitation Report and Data Management Plans 
D4.2 – First prototype of the EOSC Thematic services 
WP5 – Alignment of national policies and practices 
D5.1 – National/International engagement plan with policy makers and funders 
WP6 – EOSC skills development 
D6.1 – Training materials and quality assurance guidelines