Project Deliverables

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WP1 – Project Management and Exploitation
D1.1 – Dissemination and exploitation plan 
D1.2 – Dissemination and exploitation report 
D1.4 – Quality Plan 
D1.5 – Collaboration Agreement among infra-eosc (5b) projects 
WP2 – Capacity Expansion at Infrastructure Level 
D2.1 – Roadmap for integration of national capacities into the EOSC 
D2.2 – Intermediate report on integration efforts and policy Gap Analysis      
WP3 – Fostering Service Integration 
D3.1 – Software Maturity baseline 
D3.2 – First prototype of Service Integration platform 
D3.3 – Intermediate report on technical framework for EOSC FAIR data principles implementation 
WP4 – Capacity building for thematic services 
D4.1 – Best Practices Elicitation Report and Data Management Plans 
D4.2 – First prototype of the EOSC Thematic services 
WP5 – Alignment of national policies and practices 
D5.1 – National/International engagement plan with policy makers and funders 
WP6 – EOSC skills development 
D6.1 – Training materials and quality assurance guidelines