EOSC Synergy for Software Developers

Software is the enabler of computing technology. In EOSC-Synergy we develop software to support the deployment of quality services for Software and FAIR Data. We develop tools to streamline access to e-infrastructures, and we integrate scientific services in EOSC-enabled infrastructures

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    Quality Assurance as a Service

Developing software to foster a quality approach to EOSC is one of our core activities. Here follows a list of our main products.

Software Quality Baseline
Minimum viable set of quality requirements that shall be covered when tackling any software development project. The work started in the framework of the H2020 project INDIGO-DataCloud, and has been continuous evolved via an open collaboration framework.
Service Quality BaselineThe common Service Quality Assurance Baseline Criteria establishes the minimum viable set of quality requirements provides an initial approach to Service Quality Assurance, meant to be applied in the integration process of services which will be accessible through EOSC.
SQAaaSSoftware Quality Assurance as a Service: is the EOSC-Synergy framework to ensure Quality. Includes JePL library, badges implementation, web service, etc…
JePLA library to implement Software Quality Assurance (SQA) checks using Jenkins CI/CD pipelines. JePL can be used with the SQAaaS or standalone. 
FAIR EvaluatorImplementation of an evaluator for the fulfilment of FAIR data quality based on the Research Data Alliance (RDA) criteria.

    EOSC Thematic Services

The EOSC-Synergy Thematic Services are described in the section of EOSC for researchers. The following table shows the location of the development repositories.

     Infrastructure tools
SSH-OIDCAccess toolset based on OpenID Connect to be used in HPC-like cluster environments
EOSC Performance and monitoring toolWeb application to host, search, compare and analyze benchmark results from Federated Clouds in EOSC.
EGI Swift FinderDiscover and use OpenStack Swift endpoints for storage provided by the EGI Federated Cloud Infrastructure.
FedCloud ClientFedCloud client is a high-level Python package for a command-line client designed for interaction with the OpenStack services in the EGI Federated Cloud. See this link for full documentation.
Dynamic DNS Allocationin Federated Cloud Environments. It supports use cases in which VMs are started at different sites, but need to be reachable via the same hostname.
ESODThe EOSC-SYNERGY Openstack Dashboard (ESOD) allows the graphical navigation to one of the available Openstack instances in Federated Clouds.
SLAmonThe Service Level Agreement monitor queries the infrastructure for the amount of resources available at a given site part of a Federated Cloud.

EOSC Task Force Research Software Quality

EOSC Task Force on FAIR metrics and Data Quality