EOSC Synergy for Trainers

EOSC Synergy supports trainers from across the EOSC ecosystem to develop and deliver effective online training, through providing guidance and infrastructure. 

Support for Trainers

Reusable courses & materials

A set of free tutorials and training materials covering EOSC Synergy related topics, services, procedures and thematic services.


Guidance on creating high quality online training

A practical course and handbook with guidelines and templates for designing, creating and delivering online training, with a focus on EOSC, FAIR and open science.

Get started

A portfolio of training tools and platforms

A next generation digital learning environment for EOSC which includes online platforms for content creation/hosting of training material and running hackathons, collaboration and coding tools and a self deployable training infrastructure.


EOSC Skills & Training Working Group

In 2020 EOSC Synergy was a member of this working group which resulted in the Digital Skills for FAIR and Open Science report. 

EOSC Task force on Upskilling Countries to Engage in EOSC