Technical papers

TitleState of the art regarding digital badge issuing technologies
AuthorsG. Moltó, I. Campos, M. Hardt, Marcus, I. Blanquer, M. Caballer, P. Orviz,
M. David and J. Gomes, 
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TitleInitial review of systems, initiatives and development of selection criteria
of the online learning/training platforms and initiatives
AuthorsH. Clare, M. Plóciennik, M. Krzyżanek, J. Akwarski, I. Bernal, L. Cepinskas,
C.  Hof, G. Ruiz-Manzanares, and C. Thomson 
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TitleA Set of Common Service Quality Assurance Baseline Criteria for Research Projects
AuthorsP. Orviz, M. David, J. Gomes, J. Pina, S. Bernardo, I. Campos, G. Moltó, and M. Caballer
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