EOSC Synergy for Researchers

Thematic services constitute an essential part of EOSC-SYNERGY and are the final layer exposed to final users. We have selected ten thematic services that are grouped into four categories: Earth Observation, Environment, Biomedicine, and Astrophysics.

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Thematic services constitute an essential part of EOSC-SYNERGY. We have been continuously improving by refactoring their architecture and integrating EOSC services from the EOSC marketplace, leading to increased performance and capacity and enhanced functionality.

The work done in the context of EOSC-SYNERGY will lead to the identification of commonalities, best practices and common requirements of multidisciplinary scientific services, regardless of the thematic area of the applications. Experience gained from the thematic services of the project could be transferred to new services for the adoption of the EOSC ecosystem framework.


EOSC Task Force Research Engagement and Adoption