Dissemination activities

14/11/2022Response of a modular scintillation detector to a secondary cosmic ray muon fluxLatin American Symposium on High Energy Physics (SILAFAE22), Quito, Ecuador.Presentation
13/10/2022Automating cloud deployment infrastructures with KollaIbergrid, FaroPresentation
13/10/2022SSH with Federated IdentitiesIbergrid, FaroPresentation
13/10/2022Token Based DevelopmentsIbergrid, FaroPresentation
13/10/2022Compare computing sites using EOSC-Performance serviceIbergrid, FaroPresentation
13/10/2022Using Dynamic DNS for dynamic service deployment, migration and high availabilityIbergrid, FaroPresentation
13/10/2022FedCloud client: the powerful client for EGI Federated CloudIbergrid, FaroPresentation
13/10/2022FAIRness Evaluation, Validation and Advising with FAIR EVA
Ibergrid, FaroPresentation
11/10/2022The Software Quality as a Service (SQAaaS) portalIbergrid, FaroPresentation
11/10/2022Ozone assessment service (O3as) in actionIbergrid, FaroPresentation
11/10/2022EOSC-Synergy Jenkins Pipeline LibraryIbergrid, FaroPresentation
10/10/2022EOSC Projects: INFRAEOSC-5B EOSC SynergyIbergrid, FaroPresentation
10/10/2022SQAaaS Hackathon at the IBERGRID 2022 conferenceIbergrid, FaroWorkshop
01/10/2022FAIR EVA (evaluator, validator & advisor) para DIGITAL.CSIC: Un nuevo servicio de apoyo a los datos FAIRonlineBlogpost
29/09/2022Digital.CSIC OpenScience Datathon 2022CSIC OpenScience Datathon 2022Hackathon
28/09/2022Fedcloudclient related toolsNi4os EOSC Regional Event, BudapestPresentation
21/09/2022Simulaciones LAGO intensivas en datos y cómputo en contenedores sobre la European Open Science CloudJornadas SARTECO 2022 – Alicante, Spain.Presentation
21/09/2022Key Exploitable Results#EGI2022, IbergridBrochure
21/09/2022FAIR EVA Demonstration#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicDemonstration
21/09/2022Expanding the capacity and capabilities of an Earth Observation application by means of the European Open Science Cloud#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicPresentation
21/09/2022motley-cue: SSH access with OIDC tokens#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicPresentation
21/09/2022Secret management service for EGI Infrastructure#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicPresentation
21/09/2022FedCloud client: the powerful client for EGI Federated Cloud#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicPresentation
21/09/2022EOSC-Performance: compare EOSC sites for your needs#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicPresentation
21/09/2022OIDC support for Windows using PuTTY#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicPresentation
21/09/2022EOSC Synergy Session at #EGI2022#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicWorkshop
21/09/2022Handbook on EOSC Infrastructure Integration#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicPresentation
20/09/2022Infrastructure as Code to deploy scientific applications in EOSC#EGI2022, Prague, Czech RepublicTraining
19-24/09/2022LatticeNET School on ComputingBenasque Center of SciencesTraining
12/09/2022The capability of water Cherenkov detectors arrays of the LAGO project to detect Gamma-Ray Burst and High Energy Astrophysics sources11th International Workshop on Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detectors (RICH), Edinburgh, UK.Presentation
06/09/2022New tools for better-characterizing astroparticle physics sites and detectors for the Latin American Giant ObservatoryXI International Workshop on Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics (IWARA22) – GuatemalaPresentation
06/09/2022Air Showers Simulations to Produce Technological ResultsXI International Workshop on Astronomy and Relativistic Astrophysics (IWARA22) – GuatemalaPresentation
12/07/2022Technological Applications of Extensive Air Showers SimulationsXXXVIII Bienal RSEF 22 – Murcia, SpainPresentation
22/08/2022Quo Vadis Europe X Digital Sovereignty in EuropeRoundtable
14/07/2022Astroparticle Simulation in Cloud Infrastructures: Applications to Astroparticle PhysicsXXXVIII Bienal RSEF 22 – Murcia, SpainPresentation
14/07/2022The Turing Institute Data Science and AI Educators’ programme. Presentation as part of a session on ‘Making learning memorable’onlinePresentation
23/06/2022ENVRI-FAIR summer school. Service documentation & tutorial writing webinaronlinePresentation
20/06/2022Metabolomics ConferenceMetabolomics Conference, Valencia, SpainPresentation
14/06/2022Open Science Training Coordinators Community of PracticeonlinePresentation
08/06/2022FAIR EVA: Checking data FAIRness in data repositoriesOpen Repositories, Denver, USPresentation
07/06/2022SQaaS – Ensuring Software, Service and Data quality automatically in open repositoriesOpen Repositories, Denver, USPresentation
04/05/2022Workshop: National Policies relevant to EOSC deploymentStrasbourg, ParisWorkshop
26/04/2022Collaboration across open science education. Described collaborations throughout the development of the EOSC Synergy Learn platform.OER22, London, UKPresentation/
22/04/2022Living Labs: Round TableOnline Event
6/04/2022FAIR EVA (Evaluator, Validator & Advisor)Online Webinar
05-06/04/2022Hackathon: Aragon Open Data Focus improvementsOnlineHackathon
29/03/2022Quality Assessment and Awarding (internal EGI CSIRT)OnlinePresentation
23/03/2022Implementing the European Open Science CloudISGC 2022 – Taiwan
2/03/2022FAIR Data Evaluator for Biodiversity in the SUMHAL project
Sustainability for Mediterranean Hotspots integrating LifeWatch ERIC – SevillaPresentation
25/02/2022LAGO Data & Sims Data & Simulation assesmentLAGO Physics School 2022 – Tucuman, Argentina.Presentation
25/02/2022A quality-based approach for research software and servicesSE22 – Software Engineering 2022 – Germany
03/02/2022Enhancing Interoperability of Thematic Services and e-Infrastructures through EOSC-Synergy.SouthAfrican – EU Dialogue WorkshopPresentation
12/12/2021A Novel Cloud-Based Framework For Standardized Simulations In The Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)2021 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC)Presentation
29/11 – 06/12/2021FAIRsFAIR / EOSC Synergy / CODATA / RDA Data Steward Instructor TrainingonlineWorkshop
26/11/2021FAIRsFAIR / EOSC Synergy National UK Roadshow on Advancing the skills agenda for reproducibility, open and FAIR.onlineWorkshop
24/11/2021Muography developments within the MuAR project: advances in simulations and new detectors designsInt. Workshop on Cosmic-Ray Muography (Muography2021) – Ghent, BelgiumPresentation
23/11/2021EOSC activities update and UK engagementonlineBlog article
22/11/2022Extensive air showers simulations: applications to geophysics and astroparticle physicsLatin American Conference on Space Geophysics,(COLAGE’21) – Valparaíso, Chile.Presentation
11/11/2021Open and Inclusive Access to Research conference. onlinePresentation
08/11/2021Group Seminar Bioinfoonline, SpainPresentation
2-23/11/2021Open Science Online Training Handbook – Writing Sprint onlineWorkshop
19/10/2021SQAaaS Web Demo: so simple that you can’t miss it#EGI2021, onlinePresentation
19/10/2021EOSC-Performance: find most suitable EOSC site for your task#EGI2021, onlinePresentation
18/10/2021mytoken – secure and long term authentication (without refresh tokens)¶#EGI2021, onlinePresentation
18/10/2021Federated access for SSH with OpenID Connect#EGI2021, onlinePresentation
20/10/2021Using EGI Cloud infrastructure with fedcloudclient#EGI2021, onlineDemonstration
20/10/2021Using Dynamic DNS service in EGI Cloud infrastructure#EGI2021, onlinePresentation
19/10/2021Service Quality Assurance as a Service: Fostering Service Integration in EOSC#EGI2021, onlinePresentation
5/10/2021EOSC-SYNERGY project and their implementation of Latin American pilots.CARLA 2021Presentation
3/10/2021O3as: An Ozone Trend Analysis Service within EOSC-SynergyQoS 2021, Seoul, Korea, onlinePresentation
28/09/2021Servicios computacionales de EOSC-Synergy para teledetecciónCSIC Thematic Platform on remote sensors- MadridPresentation
23/09/2021OSFAIR lightning talk. Best practices for online training: EOSC SynergyOSFAIR2021Lightning Talk
21/09/2021OSFAIR workshop. Sharing best practices in open science training; from online to hybrid and beyondOSFAIR2021Workshop
06/09/2021FAIRsFAIR / EOSC Synergy / CODATA / RDA / Gdansk University Data Steward Instructor Training PolandonlineWorkshop
30/07/2021Panel session on training at the FORCE11 FSCI summer schoolonlinePanel
16/07/2022The EOSC-Synergy cloud services implementation for the Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO).“International Cosmic Rays Conference,(ICRC 21)
Berlin, Germany”
13/07/2022O3as: ein Dienst zur Beurteilung des Ozonzustands, Steinbuch Centre for Computing (SCC)onlinePublication
12/07/2021FAIRsFAIR / EOSC Synergy / CODATA / RDA Data Steward Instructor Training for NORF Ireland onlineWorkshop
12/07/2021The EOSC-Synergy cloud services implementation for the Latin American Giant Observatory (LAGO)37th International Cosmic Rays ConferencePresentation/Publication
06/07/2021FAIRsFAIR / EOSC Synergy Data Steward Instructor Training – with EOSC Pillar, Ghent University BelgiumonlineWorkshop
06/07/2021The SQAaaS platformEGI CSIRT meetingPresentation
30/06/2021Ozone assessment as an EOSC-Synergy thematic serviceISC High Performance, onlinePresentation
23/06/2022Learn@Synergy Platform and HaaS presentation FAIRsFAIR RoadshowPresentation
17/06/2021SQAaaS: the toolkit to streamline and award quality-oriented practices in research softwareEOSC Symposium 2021Presentation
16/06/2021EOSC Symposium 2021: Expanding training and education capabilities through an innovative online platformEOSC Symposium 2021Presentation
14/06/2021Automated CI/CD Testing, Installation and Deployment of a Dataverse Installation on a CloudDataverse community meeting 2021Presentation
11-14/06/2021Open Science Training Coordinators Community of PracticeonlineWorkshop
26/05/2021Comprehensive bathymetry and intertidal topography of the Amazon estuaryonlinePublication
27/04/2021An online service for analysing ozone trends within EOSC-synergyEGU 21 Vienna, Austria, onlinePresentation
20-22/4/2021CESNET e-infrastructure conferenceOnlineWorkshop
14/04/2021FAIRsFAIR / EOSC 5b Training TF Workshop on Harmonising Training Resource Metadata for EOSConlineWorkshop
6-7/4/2021ExPaNDS workshop on EOSCEOSC-NordicWorkshop
06/04/2021Software and Services Quality-as-a-ServiceExpands WorkshopPresentation
26/03/2021Quality and Capacity expansion of Thematic Services in EOSC-SYNERGYOnlinePresentation
22/03/2021Instruct EOSC Task Force meetingOnlinePresentation
18/03/2021EOSC Synergy interviews Ignacio BlanquerOnlineNews article
17/2/2021Contexto EOSC (EOSC Context)OnlinePresentation
22/01/2022O3as: an online ozone trend analysis service within EOSC-synergy5th Data Science Symposium (2021), Online, 22.01.2021Presentation
2/12/2020Software Development in modern days: DevOps methodologyISCTE IUL seminarPresentation
27/11 – 4/12 2020International FAIR convergence SymposiumVirtualWorkshop
27/11/2020EOSC SymposiumBudapest, HUEvent
9-12/11/2020RDA PlenaryVirtualWorkshop
05/11/2020EOSC Synergy Dutch Data Landscape WorkshopEGI conference 2020Workshop
03/11/2020A quality based approach to software and servicesEGI conference 2020Presentation
02/11/2020Towards FAIR CryoEM workflows in EOSCEGI conference 2020Presentation
03/11/2022SAPS: Estimating the Evolution of Forest Masses and Crops using Cloud ResourcesEGI conference 2020Presentation
03/11/2020Quality and Capacity expansion of Thematic Services in EOSC-SYNERGYEGI conference 2020Presentation
02/11/2020Integration of WORSICA’s thematic service in EOSC – challenges and achievementsEGI conference 2020Presentation
02/11/2020EOSC-Synergy Jenkins Pipeline LibraryEGI conference 2020Presentation
01/11/2020Feedback from Synergy about EGI Check inOnlinePresentation
01/11/2020Presentation about the PAM SSH IntegrationOnlinePresentation
9/7/2020EOSC-Synergy and Spanish Network for Open e-ScienceRDA SpainPresentation
30/6 -1/7 2020Data Research Management Forum – Science and Technology Infrastructures EditionWebinarEvent
23/06/2020Landscaping results – EOSC workshop Czech RepublicOnline WebinarWorkshop
18/06/2020Service QA and DataverseDataverse Community meeting 2020Presentation
30/05/2020The Ten Thematic Services of EOSC-Synergy: an updated landscape viewEGI NewsletterNews article
18-20/05/2020EOSC Hub WeekVirtualEvent
20/05/2020A quality based-approach for EOSC software and services – Innovation from the EOSC regional projectsEOSC-hub week 2020Workshop
20/05/2020National Policy Developments Supporting EOSC ImplementationEOSC-hub week 2020Presentation
27-28/4/2020Landscaping WG Validation workshopEOSC Validation WorkshopWorkshop
03/04/2020EOSC Pillar survey results webinarOnlineWorkshop
02/04/2020Sustainable infrastructure for open learning in the European Open Science Cloud: the EOSC Synergy projectOER20, London, UKPresentation/
23/03/2020Presenting the EOSC-Compatible Helmholtz-AAI NREN Yearly Organisation MeetingPresentation
28/2/2020Kubernetes on Federated Cloud in EOSC SynergyVirtualWorkshop
26-28/02/2020Workshop on Training in EOSCNetherlandsWorkshop
24/02/2020EOSC-Synergy and its 10 thematic servicesOnlineBlog article
7-13/1/2020A series of 3 workshops: EOSC project workshop — landscape analyse on data repository Czech RepublicPrague, CZEWorkshop
27/11/2019EOSC SymposiumBudapest, HUPresentation
19/11/2019Supercomputing 2019Denver, USPresentation
04/11/2019KoM summary: presentations, Santiago tour and visit to Finisterrae supercomputerOnlineBlog article
29/10/2019Focus on Open ScienceLithuaniaEvent
10/10/2019EOSC-synergy: expanding capacities and building capabilitiesOnlineBlog article
9-10/09/2019EOSC Concertation meetingBrusselsMeeting
08/10/2019Webinar: Coming together to map the national landscape analysis on EOSCOnlineWebinar
23/09/2019Ibergrid 2019OnlineNews article
20/09/2019EOSC-Synergy Kick-off meeting in Santiago de CompostelaOnlineNews article
08/09/2019EOSC Synergy posterOnline/event in BrusselsPublication
20/06/2019E-infracentralTalinn, ESTEvent
16-20/06/2019ISC 2019Frankfurt GEREvent
10-12/04/2019EOSC Hub WeekPrague, CZEEvent
5-7/06/2019KoM of EOSC-PillarBrusselsEvent