The EOSC Synergy Infrastructure integrates Capacities (HPC Computing Clusters, Storage Services and Repositories) from participating European Member States.

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Getting access as user

To get access to the infrastructure, you need to request membership in a Virtual Organisation.



Infra how to

The infrastructure consists of many components and different tools used for accessing them.




Shares of the infrastructure (Ressources, Quota) is allocated by each participating computer centre to a specific VO.



Information about existing VOs

EOSC-Synergy Virtual Organisations



Tools to support infrastructure integration

From the project, several tools have been created or integrated to make the user or administrator experience much easier.

– Cloud-compute

– Cloud-storage

– HPC-Access

Infrastructure Manager Dashboard

IM is an easy to use web interface.

EOSC Synergy Openstack Dashboard

Allows direct login to one of the OpenStack sites of the EOSC Synergy cloud resources.


A commandline interface to the federated cloud.

Dynamic DNS service

enables users to register meaningful, memorable hostnames then assign them to services deployed in Cloud, so users can access services that are dynamically deployed in Cloud via pre-registered URLs/hostnames


A command line program to manage files on cloud storage.

SLA Monitor

Shows the currently active quota for each VO at all sites.

Flavour Monitor

Show the available flavours of the available Openstack installations

Object Storage

We are providing documentation and tools on how to use rclone with the EOSC-Synergy Infrastructure.

EGI Swift Finder

Discover and use Openstack Swift endpoints provided by the EGI infrastructure

Motley Cue

SSH Access Server


SSH Access Client