EOSC Task Force on FAIR metrics and Data Quality

EOSC-Synergy participates on the FAIR metrics and Data Quality task force.

The  FAIR metrics and Data Quality Task Force will implement the proposed FAIR metrics for EOSC by assessing their applicability across research communities and testing a range of tools to enable uptake. Recommendations will be made to update metrics and adopt tools as appropriate. In addition, the group will undertake a state of the art to understand measures of data quality, conducting several case studies to identify common features and dimensions to define an approach for EOSC.

The activities are described in the corresponding charter. This Task Force hopes to promote high-quality resources in EOSC by focussing on:

1) FAIR metrics for EOSC

2) Aspects of data quality.

After being informed by the communities, the Task Force will provide recommendations on how different communities implement FAIR metrics and assess data quality, and what can be usefully taken from these approaches. A Key output of the will be a report on the implementation of FAIR Metrics and Data Quality in
the EOSC with ample opportunity to gather community inputs.