EOSC Task Force Research Software Quality

EOSC-Synergy is playing an important role in the work of the Task Force of Research Software Quality.

Charter of the EOSC Task Force on Infrastructures for Quality Research Software

In the scope of the EOSC task force on Infrastructures for Quality Research Software, we focus on “research software” defined as software that is produced by researchers and used as an enabler for scientific activities.

The main objectives of this task force are:

  • Foster the development and deployment of tools and services that allow researchers to properly archive, reference, describe with proper metadata, share and reuse research software.
  • Improve the quality of research software, both from the technical and organizational point of view for research software in general and in particular the software used in the services offered through EOSC.
  • Increase recognition to software developers and maintainers of research software as a valuable research result, on a par with publications and data, in the Open Science landscape.