EOSC Task Force AAI Architecture

The Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Architecture (AAI) Task Force aims to provide a consistent architecture for Authentication, Authorization and Access Control for the EOSC. This task will produce the next version of the EOSC AAI architecture while engaging with stakeholders to identify new use cases and requirements and analyse governance models for the EOSC AAI.

Full information about the Task Force and Charter document available at:


The EOSC AAI Task Force has the overarching goal to deliver a consistent architecture for authentication, authorization and access control for the European Open Science Cloud following and building upon SRIA and the previous EOSC AAI TF outcomes. The Task Force will contribute to establishing a common global ecosystem for identity and access control infrastructures for EOSC, while embracing following high level principles from the previous EOSC AAI TF:

  • User Experience is the first measure of success
  • All trust flows from the communities
  • There is no centre in a distributed system

The main aims of the EOSC AAI Task Force are the:

  • Evolution of the EOSC AAI Architecture and the EOSC AAI Federation, following the AARC Blueprint Architecture and AARC Interoperability Guidelines.
  • Identification and assessment of requirements and gaps through liaison efforts and collaboration with other bodies inside and outside EOSC, such as EOSC Task Forces, EOSC projects, community bodies like AEGIS.
  • Identification and assessment of governance models for the EOSC AAI.