Part of the EOSC Synergy project is dedicated to supporting the development of capabilities and skills for EOSC stakeholders, including researchers, data providers and service providers. In particular, we will provide a training programme and infrastructure that promotes training on the necessary skills for better utilization of EOSC services and supports the trainers involved.

Courses and services

Our courses and services are delivered on the EOSC Synergy Learn web site. This includes: 

A practical course and guidelines on designing, creating and delivering online training, with a focus on EOSC, FAIR and open science. 

A set of free tutorials covering EOSC Synergy related topics, services, procedures and thematic services.

A next generation digital learning environment for EOSC which includes:

  • Online platforms for content creation/hosting of training material and running hackathons
  • Collaboration and coding tools
  • A self deployable training infrastructure

Reports and presentations

  • As part of our initial  activities we have performed broad analysis of existing tools for online learning as well as the training related initiatives. The outcomes are available in the report
  • We also presented at the OER 2020 conference: “Sustainable infrastructure for open learning in the European Open Science Cloud: the EOSC Synergy project” 


Helen Claire, JISC

Marcin Płóciennik, PSNC