Synergy at the OER 2020 conference

Earlier this month, Helen Clare presented at the Open Educational Resources 2020 conference on the activities of the EOSC Synergy project around supporting delivery of online training for EOSC.

The conference was run online and the session was attended by over 80 people. We aimed to raise awareness of Synergy’s training activities and to get input from the OER community, experts in delivering teaching and training online.

The presentation gave an overview of the Synergy’s activities so far around training, including research on previous open science training initiatives, a review of trends in online learning and an evaluation of learning platforms for EOSC Synergy. I also explained how our activities have been affected by COVID-19 and the sudden shift to online learning.

The interactive session allowed for a Q&A where important questions were raised. Such as the importance of data skills for researchers, how their skills are measured, and how were we planning to evaluate the impact of our work on skills.

Curious to learn more? View the slides and session recordings below.

The session recording is now available here.
Slides can be viewed and downloaded here.