G-CORE is a production-ready technology used as a service at ESA’s and national programs led by INDRA for the acquisition, storage, cataloguing and processing data from several Earth Observing (EO) System missions. G-CORE provides two main functionalities:

  • A Data Manager for spatial and non-spatial purposes.
  • A Processing framework to host external processors developed by third parties to generate added value products based on Satellite imageries.

The purpose of G-Core is widening the usage of EO data out of the scope of nominal fields. The EO data could be considered as little fish in a big pound in order to provide additional information in a great variety of added value services. G-Core adds the capability of developing added-value products for Earth Observation services through the integration of G-Core as a data manager.


Added Value


The objective of the adaptation of the thematic service is to explore the sustainability of the EOS services exposed through the creation of added-value products through the integration of G-CORE as a data manager. With this in mind, the G-CORE cloud capabilities will provide a processing environment with capabilities for deploying processing prototypes following the SaaS models, without investing in dedicated hardware resources.

The ability to deploy new processing frameworks will allow external users to conveniently deploy them to validate their developments. It means that the G-CORE can be offered as a Payload Data Ground Segment (PDGS) in the cloud for future ground segment space missions to be implemented with the dedicated modifications for each mission, or as a processing framework to plug in different processors that can make use of the Copernicus resources or private data in order to produce different levels of products to be delivered to the users.



Available: September 2022



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A G-Core video tutorial is accessible in: 

The vídeo for G-CORE shows briefly a SaaS case to be offered in the EOSC market place for EO processing using G-CORE. The video is divided into two parts. The first shows a brief introduction of the functionalities available in G-CORE and the second is the video itself. The video shows the selection of an AOI area in order to select a scene to command the processing of a simple NDVI over that scene. After processing the scene the user displays and downloads the final product as a result of the processing.

Relevant links

Service available at the EGI Federated Cloud G-Core access point

Users previously registered can access to the system via an EGI account. Also is available in the same url  as CAS access for other granted users.

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