MSWSS is a service for modelling and analysis of Water Supply Systems which integrates the analysis of toxics in drinking-water supply networks with water distribution network simulation. MSWSS service will allow water infrastructure operators and researchers
to analyse hazardous events (e.g. toxics propagation within a pipe system) and may be used for preparation of risk management plans for water utilities.

Added value via EOSC

The EOSC computing infrastructure and data sharing services enable modelling more complex water supply systems and to increase the number of scenarios for the analysis.

MSWSS thematic service has selected and it is integrating the following services listed in the EOSC marketplace:

  • EC3 (Infrastructure Manager, CLUES): is used for creation and management of computational backend based on elastic virtual cluster built from virtual worker nodes.
  • EOSC Cloud computing resources: are used to build the elastic virtual cluster for MSWSS service.
  • EGI Check-in: it is used by EC3 to authenticate the MSWSS service to EOSC Cloud computing resources.


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