EOSC Synergy Quality Badges

EOSC Synergy is adopting the Open Badges specification by means of the open-source Badgr platform to issue verifiable digital certifications to both software and services that comply with the baseline quality requirements being defined in the project. 

After the definition of the quality criteria, a Jenkins-based pipeline will be created in order to automatically assess the fulfillment of these criteria that will end up with automatically issuing a digital badge for a specific version of the software or service. 

The digital badge is an image minted with verifiable metadata that can be used both for product or service owners to show the adherence of their respective software or service to the quality requirements defined in the project.  These requirements are produced after scouting widely adopted best practices in the open-source software development communities.

You can take part in the definition of these criteria, initially identified in “A set of Common Software Quality Assurance Baseline Criteria for Research Projects”.