National Policies relevant to EOSC deployment – EOSC-Pillar Workshop Video

EOSC-Pillar has released a workshop video about the EOSC Synergy workshop, organised together with EOSC PillarEOSC NordicExPaNDS, NI4OS EuropeEOSC Future and FAIRsFAIR: ‘National Policies relevant to EOSC deployment – Status, gaps, and steps towards harmonisation’, held in Strasbourg, France on May 4th, 2022. 

During the workshop, the findings of the regional EOSC projects on national open science, funding, and access provisioning policies were presented. 

The full workshop report, written by EOSC-Pillar, has already been released earlier.

You can read the full blogpost about the workshop and video on the EOSC-Pillar website.