Report: EOSC Synergy at #EGI2022

As the EOSC Synergy project is coming to an end in October 2022, we welcomed the opportunity to present the project at #EGI2022, on September 21st in Prague, Czech Republic. During the session, we highlighted in a tangible, integrated way some of the project’s key results and how they contribute to expand the capacity and capabilities of EOSC by leveraging on the experience, effort and resources of national publicly-funded digital infrastructures.

Elisa Cauhé
(EGI Foundation)

After an introduction providing a bird’s eye view of the major project results by Elisa Cauhé (EGI Foundation), the session continued with presentations on two key elements of the EOSC Synergy service integration: the Infrastructure Integration Handbook presented by Viet Tran (IISAS) on behalf of WP2, and the Software Quality Assurance as a Service (SQAaaS) tool, presented by Pablo Orviz (IFCA, CSIC) – on behalf of WP3. 

These elements were then presented in a real-case environment via a comprehensive presentation showing an example of the thematic service integration for both SQAaaS and infrastructure, presented by Amanda Calatrava (UPV) on behalf of WP4. 

Finally, Marcin Plociennik (PSNC) presented how to work with the EOSC Synergy Learn platform as a conclusion of the session.

All presentations are accessible via the EGI2022 page on Indico.

Download the Key Exploitable Results Brochure.