Description of the Result

Researchers have limited means to easily provide evidence about the quality of the software tools they produce. The OpenEBench platform supports scientific community-led benchmarking efforts across different domains in Life Sciences.

OpenEBench ( is the ELIXIR benchmarking and technical monitoring platform for bioinformatics tools, web servers and workflows. The service includes a data element and provides a benchmarking tool for evaluating the quality of the results of research tools. OpenEBench also provides an automatic research software quality evaluator based on concrete metrics.

Target audience/beneficiaries

Researchers in Genomics Tools

Added Value / Benefits

The main added value of OpenEBench for researchers in the Genomic domain is the provision of a benchmarking tool to evaluate software research tools in the field of Bioinformatics. Its strength lies in its Interdisciplinary scope (software engineers, biologists, data engineers, bioinformatics).

Use and Impact after EOSC Synergy

The OpenEBench service and tools will be accessible to research projects (National, European). Results will be promoted and shared via papers (journals, conferences,…) and other types of publications, including social media. Dedicated workshops and online courses are also available. The key exploitation path is to generate a mechanism to have the most up-to- date collection of analytical genomics workflows which can be deployed across heterogeneous systems in Europe taking into account their scientific and technical performance. The use and extension of OpenEBench will facilitate the deployment of the most accurate workflows optimising human and resources allocation to ensure using the most accurate workflows in any situation putting the focus on the interpretation of results for better health outcomes.



OpenEBENCH KER Brochure [PDF]

OpenEBench Thematic Service Flyer [PDF]

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