Software Quality Baseline

Result description: Guidelines and good practices to develop and deliver quality-assured and secured software for EOSC services

Type: technical specifications

Target Audience: EOSC ecosystem, projects, software developers, research software engineers, service integrators

Key benefits: Enhance the visibility, accessibility and distribution of the produced source code through the alignment to the Open Source principles. Promote code style standards to deliver good quality source code emphasizing its readability and reusability. Improve the quality and reliability of software by covering different testing methods at development and pre-production stages. Change-based driven scenario where all new updates in the source code are continuously validated. Lower the barriers of software adoption by delivering quality documentation and the utilization of automated deployment solutions. Encourage secure coding practices and adoption of security analysis tools.

Key exploitation paths: Basis for the EOSC-Synergy SQAaaS software validation aimed at supporting an EOSC-wide quality-driven process for software integration and maintenance. D3.1 (M10), document in Digital CSCI, disseminate the links (news item and social media publication)