SQAaaS Platform

Description of the Result

The SQAaaS is a Software and Services Quality Assessment (SQA) platform for on-demand automated software and services validation, offered through the EOSC portal. The SQAaaS aims at contributing to the realisation of Open Science principles by putting the focus on improving the software development life cycle through the fulfilment of a specific set of good practices. The adoption of these quality practices is incentivized through an awarding mechanism that assesses the software and provides digital badges according to the quality achievements.

Target audience/beneficiaries

The target audiences for the SQAaaS are the EOSC developers and the EOSC users.

Added Value / Benefits

Key benefits for EOSC developers who adopt the SQAaaS are the improvement of the quality of their services and the certification of the quality achievements through digital badges, which will provide quality recognition, promote trust and contribute to increase the services adoption.

Key benefits for EOSC users are the added quality of the software and services improved with the assistance of the SQAaaS and easy access to quality information made visible through the digital badges. In addition the quality information provided by the SQAaaS will be also useful to the EOSC coordination layer managing the ecosystem of EOSC services.

Use and Impact after EOSC Synergy

The main key exploitable result is the SQAaaS platform itself with its two main modules, namely the Pipeline as a Service and the Quality Assessment and Awarding. The SQAaaS platform will be delivered and exploited via two channels, first as a cloud service making it easily available to EOSC developers, second as a private deployable platform for private use and higher scalability. An independently exploitable result is the Jenkins Pipeline Library (JePL) to build and execute automated software quality verification pipelines using the Jenkins CI system. JePL is a core component of the SQAaaS platform but can also be used in standalone mode. Finally, the quality baselines for software and services that guided the implementation of the SQAaaS are themselves very important exploitable results. They constitute a set of goodactices that can be adopted and used to guide the development of software and services regardless of the SQAaaS.

SQAaas KER Brochure [PDF]


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