EOSC position papers – Insights from Regional Projects & Infrastructures

EOSC Synergy, along with EOSC Secretariat, EOSC Nordic, EOSC Pillar, NI4OS-Europe and ExPaNDS, support the EOSC Community with the development and implementation of the European Open Science Cloud initiative, each focusing on specific elements of EOSC. These projects are involved in the so-called INFRAEOSC-05-2018-2019 call, in particular with the subtask INFRAEOSC 5b.

As many overlapping and complementary activities among the projects were identified, the 5 projects decided to join forces and agreed on an activity plan, aimed at the development of a common strategy to synchronise activities with the existing EOSC Working Groups.

Read more about project findings and outputs so far, what each project expects from the future EOSC, how they contribute to EOSC, and what recommendations and key messages to the governance are share in the position papers. Input from the EOSC Synergy project are to be found on page 13.