EOSC Synergy in the e-IRG May event

EOSC Synergy has participated in the e-IRG May event with the feedback of two researchers involved in the tasks of EOSC Synergy in the areas of Training and FAIR Data adoption. 

The work of Prof. Ignacio Blanquer regarding the definition of the Minimum EOSC Competence Skillset has been presented by Natalia Manola as a key highlight in the general presentation of the relevant EOSC WG:

More information about the definition of the Minimun EOSC Competence Skill set can be found in the related blog post of EOSC-Secretariat: https://www.eoscsecretariat.eu/node/1662

Dr. Isabel Bernal from Digital.CSIC has guided the audience through the steps necessary to make the data and services FAIR, from the multidisciplinary perspective of CSIC: