EOSC-synergy is awarded with the Distinguished Project prize in the “Open Badges for Open Science” competition organized by OBERRED

The badge schema designed by EOSC-synergy has been recognized with the Best Project award in the framework of the OBERRED, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The digital credential is issued to owners of successful Open Badges for Open Science projects in the last part of the MOOC “Open Badges for Open Science” , which was delivered in the European MOOCs platform EMMA: https://platform.europeanmoocs.eu/CMS/ and designed in the Erasmus+ OBERRED project http://oberred.eu/

What are Open Badges ?

Open Badges are a powerful tool to certify knowledge, skills, and achievements. Open Badges help motivate earners to pursue lifelong learning. Unlike certificates or degrees, Open Badges typically represent a very specific competence. They are therefore great to showcase one’s specific individual set of skills and pieces of knowledge. Open Badges are a great tool to promote the principles of Open Science and Research Data Management and to certify relevant skills.

What is OBERRED?

OBERRED is an acronym for Open Badge Ecosystem for the Recognition of Skills in Research Data Management and Sharing. The aim of the OBERRED project is to create a practical guide that includes the technical specifics and issues of Open Badges, roles and skills related to RDM, and principles for the application of Open Badges to RDM.

If you want to know everything about Open Badges technology have a look at the EOSC-synergy white paper: