SDS-WAS (Barcelona Dust Regional Center from January 2022) is a service that aims at improving capabilities for more reliable sand and dust storm (SDS) forecasts. It supports institutional entities to warn about possible dust events and to foster the study of dust-related phenomena. The framework collects numerical model outputs and observational data from a wide set of worldwide partners plus internally developed.

A wide set of post-processed analysis and statistics are generated, and results in the form of plots, tables or numerical (binary) data are disseminated to a variety of users (e.g. public institutions, researchers).

Added value via EOSC

The EOSC infrastructure gives the possibility to increase the volume of data hosted and processed, reach a wider set of end-users, improve the compliance to FAIR principles and robustness of the whole service infrastructure. In particular it is integrating the following services listed in the EOSC marketplace:

  • B2ACCESS will be used as a single sign-on platform to authenticate users into the services.
  • B2Handle will be in charge of managing and generation of Persistent IDentifiers for data products delivered.
  • B2SAFE runs as a storage service and will expose data products through the integration with a THREDDS ( data server.

Access conditions: open access without registration for all services/products except for “Data download”. For this service the open access is granted though user registration to 2-days delay (Public) data. Near-real-time (Restricted) data are provided only to partners.

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