Software, service and data quality assurance – SQAaaS at the 2021 Dataverse meeting

On the 14th of June, Slava Tykhonov (DANS-KNAW) and Samuel Bernardo (LIP) contributed to the Dataverse Community meeting at Harvard University, sharing more information about our famous SQAaaS (Software Quality Assurance as a Service). This presentation also offered the opportunity to introduce the audiences to the EOSC Synergy project, the thematic services and fostering of adoption of FAIR data principles. A concrete example has been presented on the Dataverse repository in terms of FAIR assessment, which showed the impact of SQAaaS in an even more concrete manner.

Workshop participants learned about the Software Quality as a Service (SQAaaS) framework and its usage in the context of the following topics:

  • Promoting adoption of software best practices
  • Automatically validating software and services quality of both: thematic services and generic services
  • Promoting the adoption of FAIR data principles
  • Leveraging actionable features on data repositories to analyse and validate FAIR compliance

Slides of the presentations are now online available:

Event agenda:

Eager to try SQAaaS out yourself? Visit: