EOSC Training Platform

Description of the Result

The training platform is a virtual space with a set of tools, including procedures and best practices, for the creation and delivery of EOSC related training courses. It facilitates cloud related courses providing tools for interactive computing. The platform is modular and is based on the container’s technologies that allow for combining together in a suitable learning setup for students/training participants. It allows for dynamic creation of the infrastructure for tutorials for trainers.

The platform provides fully fledged capabilities for training. It can support online training by providing the services that facilitate it (from content creation, to delivery), database with the tutorials, and access to computing resources to support the practical exercises when needed.

Target audience/beneficiaries

EOSC is still under development and there is fragmentation of resources and at the same time some overload of information, resulting on a lack of knowledge The training platform is oriented to Service providers from within EOSC- Synergy, University staff delivering academic courses (academics, librarians, data stewards), Trainers and service providers from other EOSC and open science related projects and initiatives.

Added Value / Benefits

The EOSC Synergy learning platform offers multiple users access to learning resources and guidelines on how to design, create and deliver effective training materials to develop EOSC skills. The train-the-trainer programme develops skills of trainers and service providers who want to encourage open science and the use of EOSC by delivering training onlines, supporting those who deliver training, rather than directly training end-users, and providing a scalable solution to develop skills for EOSC.

Use and Impact after EOSC Synergy

EOSC Synergy Learning platform is accessible via https://learn.eosc-synergy.eu/.

The service is mainly devoted to EOSC Synergy technical work packages and other INFRA-EOSC 5b projects as well as other research communities and related initiatives. After the project, the learning platform will keep on being shared through the EOSC related projects and events, through EOSC working groups and contacts at Academy, being also promoted at policy level.

The platform is free of charge for research communities and open source to facilitate future developments.

Training Platform KER Brochure [PDF]

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