European-wide service for the detection of the coastlines changes, coastal inundation areas and inland waterbodies water detection


The EOSC infrastructure will boost the usage of the service in an European level. This service will enable the research communities to generate maps of water presence and water delimitation lines in coastal and inland regions. These products can be useful for emergency and prevention methodologies in case of inundations or reservoir leaks. In particular, the service promotes 1) The preservation of lives during an emergency, supporting emergency rescue operations of people in dangerously inundated areas. 2) The efficient management of water resources targeting water saving in drought-prone areas

Exploitation paths

The WorSiCa service will have several benefits:

  1. By using the EOSC infrastructure services, the costs in maintenance and acquisition of computational power are no longer attributed to the research communities.
  2. The products delivered by the service will be widely used by the research communities and private companies in a panoply of distinct applications, that can range from inundation to inland waterbodies characterization, or even to extreme events such as rain flows or damn ruptures.

The service will have the following economic impact: – Emergency: Provide a fast access to inundated areas to support emergency rescue operations of assets; Support management decisions on hydraulic infrastructures operation to minimize damage downstream Avoid water loss and reduce water mains operation cost: Provide an early detection of water leakages in difficult-to-access water transportation networks, promoting their fast repair.

Unique value proposition

One-stop shop for several services focused on water detection using remote sensing, The WORSICA service provides the following sub-services for the users: i) Coastline and Inundation areas detection; ii) In-land water bodies detection, and iii) Leak detections in irrigation networks). The service is entirely free of charge for the European research community. The service detects water using public satellite imagery sources and private satellite or drone surveys provided by each user, maintaining their privacy. The service takes advantage of the robust and reliable IT services and computacional infrastructures from EOSC, considering an open-source software approach and also the FAIR principles for the processed data.


European scientists on Earth Observation. Managers of country infrastructures.


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The users of the WORSICA service have access to a manual document inside the portal after registration. Further demonstrative information can be obtained through the video available on the EOSC-Synergy youtube channel: https://youtu.be/957m5bELN8Q

Additional documentation of the several components of the service is available on the GitHub page of WORSICA: https://github.com/WORSICA

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